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Hops and grapes are better than beans any day

Dick Lumsden is worried that our communities are at risk from the rise of the coffee shop

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EADT January 2017

Be careful what you say, your hairbrush could be listening

Dick Lumsden fears that the surge in electronic information gathering could overwhelm us all

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EADT December 2016

The Christmas tradition that is distinctly second class

Dick Lumsden is no Scrooge, but he’s certainly not a fan of the Christmas card.

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The British passport – it’s no laughing matter

Dick Lumsden puts on his serious face as he tries to renew his passport

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EADT October 2016

Look after your name, it might not be around forever

Dick Lumsden reflects on a population trend which shows no sign of stopping

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EADT September 2016

Groaning under the mounting weight of a global problem

We all have too much stuff, but how do we get off the treadmill asks Dick Lumsden

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EADT August 2016

Pensions – the hot potato no-one wants to handle

Pensions are a mystery that no-one seems capable of unravelling, believes Dick Lumsden

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EADT July 2016

A roundabout way to address a growing problem

Re-designing roads to stop elderly drivers crashing is not the way to go, believes Dick Lumsden

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EADT June 16

Beaten to the top by a three legged dog and an infant

Dick Lumsden dons hiking gear to celebrate a Diamond Anniversary

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EADT May 2016

Keeping clean shouldn’t be a balancing act

Like Marmite…you are either a bath or a shower person…Dick Lumsden knows which side he is on.

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EADT April 2016

What goes on in the toilet stays in the toilet

Dick Lumsden takes part in a DIY health test which sounds a lot worse than it actually is

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EADT March 2016

Three little words that mean you will never get lost again

Dick Lumsden discovers a revolutionary new way of finding out where you are, and where you want to be.

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EADT February 2016

Meaningless statistics that don’t add up

Being average is nothing to be proud of says Dick Lumsden

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EADT January 2015

The robots will never win as long as we have stairs

3,000 years of human history has failed to crack the challenge of artificial intelligence, and Dick Lumsden thinks that’s a good thing.

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EADT December 2015

You can never have too many pigs in blankets at Christmas

Dick Lumsden faces up to the annual confusion over how much food to buy for Christmas

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