What we do

At the heart of our business lies the firmly held belief that effective communication drives business success.

All brands and organisations have a number of different audiences, each of which needs to be communicated with effectively and regularly.

When used effectively, advertising, public relations and brand communications form a powerful alliance, influencing opinion and shaping perceptions.

And especially for brands with products to sell, the messages are as important as the delivery channel.

Owl Marketing Solutions is media-neutral, working in press, broadcast and online delivery. And our experience covers a wide range of sectors.

From developing the right tone of voice, through to the design and production of printed and digital collateral, we work with clients to ensure that the message stays relevant and credible.

Whether we are developing an integrated advertising campaign on TV, press and online, or creating a communications strategy to reach employees, shareholders, and opinion formers through media relations, we focus on the audience and develop the most relevant and effective messages.