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We offer experience and enthusiasm. Collectively, we have the wisdom of many years in the corporate and agency world, and we get excited by every new challenge.

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What we do

Put simply, we get things done! We work with our clients to identify audiences and develop messages, then we create the best way to deliver them. Simple and effective.

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No-one knows what the future holds

January 16, 2015

Without the benefit of a crystal ball, Dick Lumsden finds it hard to believe in predicting the future. If it was possible to accurately predict the future, then nothing would work. Everyone would be able to predict the numbers in Euromillions, but no-one would buy a ticket because all of us would know that everyone […]

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Another year older, another year closer to the pub landlord

December 11, 2014

As Dick Lumsden faces up to a major life milestone, he ponders about what might have been and what might still be.   So here we are, two weeks from Christmas and the sand grains of another year are fast running out through the bottom of the metaphorical hour glass.   In January, I’ll be […]

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