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There are now more than 21 million people over the age of 50 in the UK. Collectively, they represent 80 per cent of the country’s wealth and have a proportionately higher disposable income than younger age groups.

Yet it is impossible to categorise them as one consumer group. A 55 year old is as far removed from a 90 year old as they are from a 20 year old. And when you apply filters such as sex, ethnicity, location, socio-economic grouping, employment status, relationship status or personal preferences, the result is a complex matrix of much smaller audiences.

Research, both quantitative and qualitative, is vitally important in effective and targeted communications to any group or sub-group.

We have a research panel of people aged from 50 to 83, each with a different and individual set of personal circumstances, and we tap into their lifetime of wisdom to keep us on the right track.

We consult with the Panel regularly on marketing and communications issues, keeping ourselves abreast of attitudes and concerns as we help some of our clients communicate with them.

If you are over the age of 50 and would like to join our Panel, taking part in occasional research exercises, then please register using the form below.

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