Mature Thinking

Mature consumers see life through different lenses than younger adults and many have become disenchanted with traditional marketing approaches.

Our team will help you get under the skin of Britain’s influential swathe of older consumers

Today’s older age groups are bending the rules, bucking the norm and defining Britain’s ‘new old’. Many are also enjoying the highest earning years of their working life. And, there are lots of them!

However, although this age group, which by 2020 will account for 50% of the adult population, is the biggest market for luxury cars, expensive holidays and top of the range cosmetics, some will be wondering how to pay their electricity bill. So to really understand the groups that make up the older consumer market, you have to keep moving with them and learn along the way.

Wise Guys are our exclusive, multi-disciplinary panel of mature market experts (most over the age of fifty themselves) covering all aspects marketing and communications, and are available to you now.

  • Wise Guys are available as a discreet second opinion to any advertiser who wishes to make more of what is arguably the most neglected marketing opportunity in today’s market
  • The new team of Owls can either help advertisers and their agencies improve their existing marketing communications significantly or guide them towards the biggest/best/richest pickings in ‘virgin territory’
  • Clients have a lot to gain and little to lose by adding OWL’s Wise Guys to their communications agency roster – perhaps to act as pacemakers to their lead agency , or as a strategic or tactical resource, or as independent creative auditors

Owl’s ‘Mature Thinking’ can be applied to all aspects of marketing to mature consumers. It can help you:

  • Develop a real empathy and genuine understanding of mature consumers
  • Identify the most appropriate and empathetic way of engaging with and researching this audience
  • Get under the skin of older consumers, enabling you to craft and create campaigns that work

Whether you’re looking for initial research, strategy, branding, creative, PR, media planning & buying, through to complete implementation and ongoing performance analysis, Owl’s ‘Mature Thinking’ will help.

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Owl is also a founder member of the Mature Marketing Association and you can find out more about this not-for-profit trade association here