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EADT November 2015

Can you give the supermarkets a run for their money?

21st century shopping is complicated and a far cry from the simple tasks remembered by Dick Lumsden

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EADT October 2015

Do you know what’s lurking at the back of your wardrobe?

A stock take of everything in his wardrobe has made Dick Lumsden turn over a new leaf

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EADT September 2015

Staying inside the lines to keep stress at bay

Adult colouring books have become a global phenomenon in a very short time, but Dick Lumsden isn’t a fan.

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EADT August 2015

Pensioner selfies on the increase as smartphones gain more ground

Have we gone beyond the point of being obsessed with technology, or is there more to come asks Dick Lumsden

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Life’s a beach – and then you burn!

Dick Lumsden has just returned from a spell on the Spanish Costa Blanca with an idea for a new book

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EADT June 2015

Pick up the pace if you want to add years to your life

Dick Lumsden examines the theory that a simple test can predict your chances of surviving the next five years

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EADT May 2015

The golden age of investment is just around the corner…

The world’s ageing population could be an investment goldmine believes Dick Lumsden

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EADT April 2015

Pirates, loonies and one man bands – democracy in action once again

With the polls predicting another hung Parliament in three weeks time, Dick Lumsden has been looking at some of the more unlikely coalition options

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EADT March 2015

Rod Stewart maybe, bell bottom flares and tartan tank tops, definitely not!

40 years on, the music and fashion of the 1970s is still haunting us as Dick Lumsden discovers

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EADT February 2015

How did we let things get so bad?

Dick Lumsden shakes a metaphorical fist at the irritants of everyday life

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EADT January 2015

No-one knows what the future holds

Without the benefit of a crystal ball, Dick Lumsden finds it hard to believe in predicting the future.

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EADT December 2014

Another year older, another year closer to the pub landlord

  So here we are, two weeks from Christmas and the sand grains of another year are fast running out through the bottom of the metaphorical hour glass.   In January, I’ll be entering my 60th year – closing out my sixth decade of life – and it’s hard not to pinch myself and say […]

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EADT November 2014

Multi-tasking or highly focused – which is best?

Keeping your brain active is an important task as we all get older, says Dick Lumsden

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EADT October 2014

I’d much rather be a BIRD than a MAMIL

Finally, years after everyone else on the planet, Dick Lumsden has succumbed to the cycling craze, but refuses to go anywhere near lycra

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owl 2

All change please…this is no time for standing still

Forget the myth that says we all hate change. Dick Lumsden says we live with change every day and we just get on with it.

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